What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin?

What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin Syrup?

What happens when you stop taking apetamin vitamin syrup? There are many persons, especially women in the 18-40 year age bracket, who have used or are currently using apetamin syrup to help them realize their weight gain targets.

Like a significant number of these ladies, you might be wondering what happens when you stop taking it? This is a valid question that requires objective answers.


Increase Appetite and Decrease Metabolism

Basically, apetamin contains some ingredients that cause an increase in your appetite while at the same time
decreasing the body’s metabolism rate.

It is this dual effect that allows the body to retain the added fat and (or) muscle gained through exercise and appropriate diet. This is why apetamin is so highly valued.


Why Stop Taking Apetamin?

The good thing is that as long as you take this syrup, your body should continue to have enough appetite for a lavish
meal every time. However, there are some women who at times choose to stop taking this treatment.

The reasons are varied. In most cases, the major reason for this decision is the feeling that they have attained their desired weight.

Some people stop using apetamin for a while due to their own delays in ordering fresh syrups. Such delays bring unnecessary stops in the use of the medication. Shop for your supply of apetamin syrup.

Whatever the reason, the question still begs what happens when you stop taking amphetamine?


What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin?

The answer to this question is relative. What happens actually depends on how you stop using this syrup. There
are women who opt for an abrupt stop while others opt for a gradual withdrawal from using it.

Let’s look at the first scenario and see what happens if you decide to abruptly stop using apetamin.


What Happens When You Stop Using Apetamin Abruptly?

This treatment escalates your appetite so any abrupt withdrawal will definitely lead to a loss of this quality. Your appetite will fall dramatically and lead to a lower calorie intake. At the same time, your metabolism will shoot up.

This combination of effects will lead to a loss in the gains that you have already made in accumulating weight and (or) muscles.

In short, such an abrupt stop in taking this treatment amounts to wasted effort and resources. So if you do not intend to actually stop using this syrup then always ensure you have a steady and reliable supply of this syrup. However, there is a better way to stop taking apetamin.

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What Happens When You Stop Using Apetamin Gradually?

A gradual and phased stoppage gives your body time to acclimatize to the new realities. The secret here lies in
letting your body escalate its appetite as you slowly reduce the amount of syrup taken per day.

Even in this case, the withdrawal should not just be based on the hunch. Keep track of how your body is responding to apetamin so that you can have a general idea of the rate at which the body is accepting more food.

Best Way To Stop Using Apetamin?

Slowly reduce the three-times a day before meals to twice a day then to once a day and finally to not taking at
all. This way you will be able to create a natural appetite for yourself and hence receive more rewarding apetamin results.

But even with this approach, your body can still fail to retain the appetite levels achieved with
this syrup. In such cases, there is absolutely no harm in going back to taking the medication to regain lost weight.



In a nutshell, what we have highlighted above is what happens when you stop using apetamin. It is best to stop using the weight gain syrup by gradually reducing your intake.


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